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Hi-Tech, Dark Gothic, Black and Grunge Design by ModBlackmoon

Dark Desktop Icons and Cursors by ModBlackmoon

Dark gothic and futuristic Desktop Themes, Icons and IconPackager sets, animated Cursors, demonic visual styles, wallpapers.

Photoshop Resources, Brushes and Patterns by ModBlackmoon

My Stock page with artistic Photoshop Hi-Res Brushes, abstract, dark, grunge Patterns and Textures, free png graphics.

Gothic, Gore, Death Metal Fonts and Band Logo Designs by ModBlackmoon

Black and Gothic, Gore and Horror, Eroded grunge Fonts. Hand-drawn Metal Band Logo Design and dark Artworks.

Dark Web-graphic Design, Web-design previews, portfolio by ModBlackmoon

Free Web-Templates and Commercial Dark Gothic Website Design previews. Check out Portfolio with the best works if u're interested in networking.

I've been working for: Rage Nucleaire, Upside Downside, Alaskan Flounder Basket, DETHONATOR, Edenian, Rays of Disillusion, Necrosis, Evil Heaven Avantgarde Theatre, Plakk Magazine, Slaughterer, Reclusiam, National Collapse, Snowblack Studio, Blood Of Kings, REDEYE. Wasteland of Reality, EXXPERIOR, Among the Torrent, Underwall, Rising from Ruin, Born In Regression, Pataus, Pestilential Doctrine, No Excuse For The Apologist, We Survived the Apocalypse, Whitecap Grave, All Consumed, Tenebris Iris, Dredged and Maimed, Lashmush, Delincuente, Sadistic Mutiny... and hundreds of other Artists.

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