NEWS: If you'll mail me and won't get a reply - that would mean that i'm not available at this moment, and i'll answer as soon as i'll be able to.

07 March 2018 - Portfolio updated with some new works, check out Band Logo Designs.

16 September 2017 - Portfolio updated with some new works, check out Band Logo Designs.

03 June 2017 - Portfolio updated with some new works, check out Band Logo Designs.

21 April 2017 - Just got a couple of free minutes to add some new Band Logo Designs into my portfolio.

14 September 2016 - I didn't really had a time to update my website for a while. I was focused on band logo requests. So today i've added some new Band Logo Designs into my portfolio.

22 December 2015 - I've been very busy again. Lots and lots of logo and artwork design requests. I've uploaded very few new previews into my Band Logo Design gallery. Forgot to upload three recent fonts, so sharing now one of them: Last Words from Earth.

18 September 2015 - I was having bad accident recently which ended up with some problems with my health later, so just coming back to work now. New freeware web-template is out: Universal Rock/Metal Band Web-Design.

05 September 2015 - Two new fonts are online from my official site. It's Bad Behaviour and Ancient Runes. Check out Extreme Fonts Download Page.

02 September 2015 - I've been quite busy with requests and new projects recently. I've just added a Necropolis Preview (Graveyard Web-Template) and Vogue World Shop (gothic, punk and metalhead clothing and accessories store web-design) to my Web-Design Gallery. The Upgrade Mission Artwork has been submitted to Artworks Gallery. Four new previews in Band Logo Design Gallery.

03 August 2015 - Two new extreme metal fonts added: MB Gothic Spell and MB Thin Worms. Both are not new, they've been released by me on DaFont, but i didn't have any spare time to upload it on my official site.

19 July 2015 - Some markup upgrades for russian version of the site, as it always one step behind the main english version. New Icon has been added to Icon Gallery: Fantasy Mail Envelope.

18 July 2015 - I've had some free time and decided to give away lots of my icons. So feel free to download some Free PNG 256px Stock Icons. You may find here some dark gothic and hi-tech Cursors for commercial projects and game design. There are Stock Icons Page 2 and Stock Icons Page 3 as well with icons only.

28 June 2015 - Two new articles about creating and managing your site. First one is How to prepare your Web-Template for use, and the second one is How to edit Pages of your Website.

14 June 2015 - One more article. This time i've explained for novices how to create a portfolio or band website. the choise between HTML and CMS, Blogs, Hosting and Domain.

13 June 2015 - I've added a new article about adding basic effects on band logo designs, so those of my clients and visitors who doesn't know anything about Photoshop will be able to apply simple effects.

12 June 2015 - In past two weeks i've been updating the website, so now it has mobile version style, so you won't have to scale on small screens. Also, i've added 3 fresh band logos. One new preview of steampunk game interface design.

21 May 2015 - Huge job has been done - i've completely updated the design, re-arranged the menus and all galleries. I've started working on that in 2014 but then suddenly my health failed and i've been in 'safe mode' for about four months. but now i'm totally back.

5 May 2015 - First step of updating my website. Bought premium hosting and a new domain name, so now the site is available from both and

04 April 2015 - New gothic metal font is available for free download. MB Gothic Spell Font. Will be available here as soon as the design update is finished.

11 November 2014 - I've been very busy again, but there are new previews of my recent BandLogo Designs.

1 September 2014 - New Artwork The Visitor: Killer with the gun in the ruined building. Check out Artworks Gallery. Also two new great Band Logo Designs, probably my favourites from what i've done.

31 August 2014 - Finally i've decided to separate my private facebook profile and MB-Design project. So, feel free to follow ModBlackmoon Design on Facebook.

25 July 2014 - 4 New BandLogo Designs available for preview.

5 June 2014 - Holy crap, almost 3 months since my last update! I'm hoping to have more free time to share the stuff i've made during this period. Anyways, 3 new BandLogo Designs have been uploaded.

18 March 2014 - Two new commercial Web-design previews: Gifts from God, ISG Security. One preview of CD Artwork design for Whitecap Grave.

5 March 2014 - Two new BandLogo Designs: Incinerator, Dredged and Maimed.

15 February 2014 - I've made a little Tutorial about writting a Playlist files manually for Cowon D20 Audio Player which has native m3u support but doesn't have a feature of playlist creation. Read here: How to create Playlists for Cowon D20 Player. One ore new BandLogo Design in my gallery: Tenebris Iris.

4 February 2014 - Two new BandLogo Designs: David Angel and GrinGotts.

23 December 2013 - I didn't have enough free time for updates recently, but hope to share more shots soon. Three new Band Logo Designs: Minced, No Excuse for the Apologist, Pterodactyl King.

17 October 2013 - Two new Band Logo Designs: Rage of Kali, Upside Downside.

3 October 2013 - 2 new bandlogo design previews, one new grunge industrial web-template for sale: Grunge Inc.

9 Seprember 2013 - New Artwork with Zombie in the cursed desert: The Undead. Two new cool band logo designs: Whitecap Grave and I'm Nothing.

6 August 2013 - New Thrash Metal Band Logo Design has been added. New Abstract Wallpaper with digital dark lights.

26 July 2013 - New dark fantasy Artwork: Midnight in Ravencreek. New metalhead Brewery logo Design: Brutal Brews.

14 July 2013 - Two fresh Metal Band Logo Designs. New dark Fantasy artwork has been added: The Sanctuary. Visit my Artworks Gallery to see it.

14 June 2013 - 3 New BandLogo Design Previews and Biohazard - one more advanced Web-Design for sale.

29 May 2013 - New fantasy Artwork with the abandoned Desert City. One of BandLogo Designs i've done in the beginning of the year. Upcoming: Finally i had some free time to finish the new raw Black Metal Font. Next days MB Thin Worms is to be released.

11 May 2013 - A bunch of fresh previews once again. Necrosis BandLogo in the Gallery. Three new previews in Web-Design Gallery, along with two updated old previews (Dark Shades and eNeon Themes). New wallpaper with 3D chrome molecules styled into cosmic abstraction.

28 April 2013 - I've had some free time recently to choose a couple of fresh works to show off. One of them is Phoenix - sundown landscape Artwork. Re-edition of my old Chromuim Wallpaper in HD. New sci-fi Nautilus Web-design. One new design in my BandLogo Gallery.

4 April 2013 - Two new Black and Death Metal Bandlogo Designs. Check out my Band Logo Design Portfolio to see the previews.

28 March 2013 - I've shared a screenshot of one of my best fresh web-designs for Abel Manor Team. Take a look in my Web-Design Gallery.

16 March 2013 - 3 new band logos i've chosen to show.

10 February 2013 - 2 new web-design screenshots. Dark post-apocalyptic web-design and dark red infernal web-template for sale. Check out my dark Web-Design Gallery for more info. New fantasy scene in Artworks gallery.

4 February 2013 - 3 new Extreme BandLogo design previews.

18 December 2012 - 2 new Metal Logo design previews.

4 December 2012 - 2 new cool steampunk and sci-fi horror Logo designs for estonian magazine Plakk. Check out the Gallery.

24 November 2012 - Two fresh metal logo design previews, one new advanced web-design preview.

4 November 2012 - A couple of new Metal BandLogo Designs i've chosen to show, one new web-design preview - subtle winter theme Northern Light in the gallery of Web-Design. One new freebie: MB Reader - free editable web-template with wood planks background and black plastic panel.

30 September 2012 - Free simple black grunge web-template for a small site: MB Diffuse in Free Web-Templates.

28 September 2012 - One more new free grunge font: MB Think Twice. You can download the full font family (including Normal, Ghost and Bold Versions) from my Fonts Gallery. Three new bandlogo designs have been added to Metal Band Logo design gallery.

18 September 2012 - New free seamless texture pack: MB Artistic Patterns II. As promised a big bunch of tiled arty patterns.

11 September 2012 - Free dark green Hi-Tech Web-template with transperent dropdown menu, animated gallery, news area, banner area, styled articles: MB Speedway. Screenshot of Atticania - online game interface design, which i've done this April.

2 September 2012 - One more grunge free Web-Template: PP-018 New Wave. Check out the gallery. Upcoming - new pattern set:)

29 August. 2012 - New free HTML CSS web-template: PP-017 The Nomad. Nice and clean grunge design.

27 August. 2012 - 3 fresh Bandlogo Drawings and a couple of free Web-Template updates (004, 006, 016 are now optimized). Still keep updating the markup of my site, so there might be some bugs sometimes, but as fact - the site works faster and better everytime i update its code.
As for the upcoming uploads - it's going to be a new seamless texture pack, a couple of new free web-templates. Also i'm going to convert my Cursor Themes into native Windows cursors, so no additional software will be needed.

23 August. 2012 - No new stuff this time, just a couple of site improvements. Some new logo previews soon as well as free web-templates gallery updates.

10 August. 2012 - New grunge, demonic CSS HTML web-template with gothic and dark fantasy atmosphere for sale to a single user! Check out MB-House of Evil CSS Web-Template. One of free HTML web-templates has been updated: PP-006 Simple.Soft, so no more text-replacing images in header. Everything is editable with html now.

02 August. 2012 - New Foobar2000 animated user signature have been added. One more Artwork Preview is in gallery - elvish rainy landscape with castle, statues, rainbow 'A Room with a View'.

09 July. 2012 - Few fresh previews: New band logo design, dark portfolio web-design screenshot, new dark fantasy artwork with gothic castle.

15 June. 2012 - A bunch of fresh bandlogo designs i've done recently. One more free truetype font - MB Demonic Tale - Ornate roman capitals style.

20 May. 2012 - More previews, but no new freebies this time. So, there are 3 fresh bandlogo drawings in my Logos Gallery. One web-design Preview on my Web-Graphics page. And 2 more or less fresh Artworks. I'm still having one more industrial font in progress, but not sure when i'll have it finished.

4 May. 2012 - Pretty big update after more than a month of silence. Allright, that's what you'll get now: a new free industrial decayed font MB Underground, one more Photoshop Brush Pack MB Ornament Lines with seamless ornaments with key patterns. Also, I've uploaded few new Metal Band Logo Designs in my gallery. More updated soon. Still got some previews and freebies in progress.

19 March. 2012 - New free font is out: MB Forever Raw - check out this evil, modern gothic design in my Fonts Gallery. Also, i've done some site markup updates about a week ago, so u might have noticed it in the Web-Design gallery along with few new site and logo design previews.

22 February. 2012 - MB-Nocturnal Media - A new preview of another cool dark web-design. Check out the commercial Web-Templates gallery to see this evil and atmospheric interface.

15 February. 2012 - 3 Bonus font-styles for my new MB-Element family. The set includes smooth weathered font, smooth brutalized style with blood drips and 'alien' writting symbols. Check out the Fonts Gallery to get all 3 fonts for free for any use.

28 January. 2012 - New font series is available: MB-Element in Standard and Brutalized styles. Download both free fonts for personal and commercial use from my Fonts Gallery. Next days i'll share a little bonus for this set.

17 January. 2012 - New hand-made free clipart set: MB Golden Coins.

13 January. 2012 - Minor updates: one fresh grunge steampunk web-design preview and one artwork preview.

7 January. 2012 - Minor updates: few web-design previews and bandlogo drawings.

6 October. 2011 - New free HTML/CSS web-template is available for download: MB TechFolio (5 Colors).

3 October. 2011 - One more hi-res Photoshop Brush package with hand-drawn grunge tribal shapes: MB Dirty Tribal.

20 September. 2011 - New free fractal brush pack: MB-AbstractFX-II. Found some bugs in site design (recently added))) so had to fix them.

15 September. 2011 - Just new previews of hand-drawn band logos and one web-design preview.

20 August. 2011 - I've had some free minutes to design one more nice icon for cell phone or any media device. Check out in my Icons Gallery. Still can't find more free time to finish the gallery view markup, so gonna leave an old one for now.

17 August. 2011 - New desktop and dock icon for Foobar2000 player. 3 items in set. Everything in both PNG and ICO.

12 July. 2011 - 2 new dark artworks available as Desktop Wallpapers 1920x1080. MB-Asylum - a 3d scene with ruined asylum with cells, sick light. MB-The Master - mixed art with ruined modern city and the fire demon in the sky.

01 July. 2011 - New large Texture package. Check out MB-DarkGrunge-II Seamless Patterns for Adobe Photoshop in Workshop Resources gallery. Very nice when i've got enough free time to make updates everyday, isn't it?! :)

30 June. 2011 - New medieval icons: Ancient Book, Notes, RSS-Feed, Archives, Projects, Payments Log with golden coins. Everything is in single pack of PNG files 256x256 px. Available in Icons Gallery.

29 June. 2011 - Long time no updates. I had alot of work to do past months and some private things as well. But now i'm having some free time to bring the new stuff. First is a new free web-template NeoGrunge i designed some months ago. Also i've added 2 more previews in commercial section. 2 new Wallpapers have been added - Glass scenes. Next days more stuff.

4 April. 2011 - Some fresh Photoshop Resources: artistic decorative pattern set and handdrawn tribal pentagrams.

26 March. 2011 - New Goregrind horror font MB-RealGrinder. As usually i drew english, european and cyrillic letters and symbols. Some fresh logo previews are now in Logo Design gallery.

11 March. 2011 - New Program Icons are available. ICO files for Desktop and PNG files for Docks. 17 icons total. Web-Design section was updated with few dark gothic site design previews. Check out the Resources page for new Photoshop brushes with raw decorative elements: MB-RawElements.

6 March. 2011 - Fighting the gamut problems caused by incorrect color profile. The most part of corrupted images have been re-saved and in same time i've upgraded the site design and the front page. Still have to update few previews. As soon as i'll finish lots of new stuff will be added. The alternative package of Adobe Creative Suite 5 Icons is available now.

21 January. 2011 - Some minor updates in Logos, Artworks and Web-Design galleries: 3 new band logo previews, designed this month and some artwork updates.

25 December. 2010 - I designed one more brutal death metal font last month. You can check MB-EvilGhost at Font Download page. One more grunge free web-template [PP-012] in Web-Design gallery.

18 November. 2010 - MB-Greylight IconPackager Theme is updated to version 1.1 with 5 new icons and 20 fixed old icons. 2 more previews in Commercial Web-Design Gallery.

16 November. 2010 - New Horror, Death Font. Check out Fonts Gallery for MB-HorrorHouse.

10 November. 2010 - Next part of my MB-ArtisticSet Photoshop Brushes released! Check out Workshop Resources for MB-ArtisticSet-III. Few Logo and Web-Design Previews were added. MB-Greylight Icons update is coming up.

21 October. 2010 - New Icon Packager theme is released! Check out MB-Greylight Icons.

18 October. 2010 - New Brushes for Photoshop: MB Linear Set with abstract and magic lines.

2 October. 2010 - New Slavonic Medieval Font added: MB-Slavonic Minsk. One more free HTML CSS web-template: MB-PP-011. Some web-design previews added. Fixed bug with the wrong link for 'the City of Burning Rivers' source image preview. Report, please, if u've found more incorrect links.
NEWS: MB-Arcane font is almost re-designed. Wait for updates.

23 September. 2010 - New scratched font: MB An Old Witch. New free grunge web-template in 3 colors: PP-010 [Street]. Upcoming: Magic Linear Brushes, Artistic Set III and new Slavonic medieval Font!

11 September. 2010 - Forgot to upload my last Web/Desktop Icon package MB-eNeon, which was available from DeviantArt and WinCustimize - it's added now to Icons Gallery. Web-Design Gallery was updated with some commercial layout previews. 5 new HD fan Metal Band Wallpapers from 1920x1200 to 2560x1600. 5 new Landscape and Abstract pictures in Wallpapers Gallery.

25 August. 2010 - 2 New additions in my Fonts Gallery. Handwritten horror font MB-Before the End and pop-art graffiti font MB-Gravitation. MB-eLightning Brushes for Photoshop are available in my Workshop Resources section.

22 August. 2010 - 6 new HD Desktop Wallpapers in different styles from soft Blue Abstraction and bright Digital City Blocks to Pentagram Designs. New Horror Alien Font was designed - check out Fonts Gallery for MB-PoisonedType.

20 August. 2010 - Now you can follow my updates with MB-Design RSS Chanel. Won't work with an old Internet Explorer and Chrome. Use Firefox, Opera, Safari or any RSS-feed reader.

16 August. 2010 - New Game Portal Design preview was added to Web-Design Gallery. Wallpapers Gallery is updated with some new HD pictures, Tutorials Gallery is updated with first two articles.

9 August. 2010 - Huge work was done - now you can see the results: my new site design and re-written code, fixed some mistakes and some not added links, updated content. Still have to fix some elements, but the site is fully functional right now. Should work fast and should be really easy to use. I haven't changed the navigation menu style, just modified both menus. Lots of old stuff were deleted, coz i can't see any sence in keeping small 1152x864 wallpapers etc. New sections were added, but both are under construction now. I'll add some interesting stuff as soon as i'll have a free hour.
New uploads: Logos gallery was updated with some new designs, some nice new Free HTML web-templates were added.

8 July. 2010 - New gothic black font is available in Fonts Gallery: MB-Graveyard Designs. Icon Gallery is updated with MB-BlackDesk-I iconset of 19 ICO's.
NEWS: I'm re-designing my site again, writting new code, making new graphics. So, next weeks i'll upload only main projects, without any wallpapers and pictures. Follow me at DeviantArt to get wallpapers.

10 Juny. 2010 - Added new Brushes MB-ArtisticSet-II to Workshop Gallery. Updated Web-Graphics Gallery with new previews and some Free HTML CSS web-templates. Added new abstract Wallpaper, created with new Brushes:). Commercial and Metal Band Logo previews were updated too.

06 May. 2010 - Again I'm with the new font. This time it's futuristic techno style font in Aliens theme. Check out MB Alien Report 72 at Fonts Gallery.

18 April. 2010 - A fresh totally free gothic black font added. Check out MB-The Great Reaper at Fonts Download Page.

05 April. 2010 - Small update in Workshop: added Web Rating Stars for web-design. Few updates in Logos and Web-Graphics sections.

1 April. 2010 - Second Brush Set for Photoshop. Check out my Workshop (MB Artistic Set 1).

28 March. 2010 - Workshop is updated: Abstract Fractal Brushes Set was added, 9 Dark Textures were added.

19 March. 2010 - New Artworks were added (Early Morning, Slavonic Ship, The Ancients). Check out Fonts Gallery for new cool Font in Gothic/Black/Death Style (MB Lords of Evil)! Logos Gallery was updated with 5 more or less fresh commercial logo previews. Web-Graphics was updated with 3 Web Site Design Previews.

07 February. 2010 - 2 New Behemoth fan Wallpapers (Band, and Nergal alone). First upload to Workshop Page - Buttons Package. Link to my DeviantArt Profile was added. One new work in two versions was added to Artworks gallery (The Dark Kingdom). Web-Graphics gallery was updated with 7 new previews from 2007 to 2010. 4 New Band Logos were added.

05 January. 2010 - New eroded Font was added: 'MB Back for Death'. Check out Fonts Gallery. Logos Gallery was updated.

25 December. 2009 - Updated all site design and code. Rebuilt some pages, and menu animation - now it loads fast, when u moving the mouse over the menu item. This week i'll try to upload some fresh stuff. See you in 2010.

26 October. 2009 - Over 800.000 Downloads of my Themes at Thank you, guys, for massive support and three years together. I'm with You!

25 October. 2009 - The new Icon set is uploaded. MB-XIII at Or at MB-XIII Page.

19 October. 2009 - At last! 5 days 'til day X ... hm... day XIII - new theme this weekend at!

17 October. 2009 - New Black Gothic Font is added - MB-TyranT.

28 September. 2009 - A few userbars were added into Misc. Themes Section.

22 September. 2009 - New freeware tech font MB-DigitalReality was added to Fonts page. NEWS: Started work on Russian Version of my site, also making some cosmetic changes in site design. Desktop Set News: 50+ icons are ready for IP and 17 bonus icons for ObjectDock, shell and start panel ready in WB. New Section soon - brushes, textures, logo shapes and my other stuff. Upcoming 2 new fonts, both are in Black & Gothic Style. Planned HD Abstract Wallpapers. See u later;)

NEWS: Working on the new Desktop Set. This time it will be great IconPackager Theme + ObjectDock Package and WindowBlinds theme, but I still can't tell you nothing about Vista support - we'll see later. About colors - it's more grey then black theme, like the next step in my AesTeK style.

5 August. 2009 - MB-Assassin-WB WindowBlinds style fixed 1.1 Version is Uploaded.

16 July. 2009 - 4 new fonts were added to Fonts page.

26 Juny. 2009 - 3 new abstract Wallpapers. Rebuilding my Wallpapers page.

16 Juny. 2009 - New Gothic font with english and european symbols MB-BlackBook.

8 Juny. 2009 - Uploaded fresh Gothic Font with german and northern symbols MB-Arcane

4 Juny. 2009 - Uploaded new parts of MB-BlackSeal Desktop Set. For ObjectDock, Wallpapers and two WindowBlinds styles visit the Black Seal Set Page.

19 April. 2009 - Few updates of Site design and pages. Uploaded new CursorFX Theme MB-BlackSeal & Phoenix. The first part of my new Desktop Set MB-BlackSeal!

20 March. 2009 - At last I came back home from a long trip! Now I've cleaned Site of some old works, which I don't wanna see here anymore. I'll try to replace it with new more interesting themes. Work with new CursorFX and WindowBlinds Theme is almost finished. One of them will be uploaded next week.

15 March. 2009 - MB-AesTeK-DX Desktop and Desktop Widget were uploaded.

17 February. 2009 - Forgot to upload finished MB-AesTeK DX Theme:) - Next days will do that.
NEWS: Working on the new Theme. As promised it will be more Gothic and more Dark than all i designed before. For the beginning WindowBlinds (XP) theme with Wallpaper Pack planned.

15 February. 2009 - Uploaded few new Abstract Desktop Wallpapers (requested: Fairytale, MB-AesTeK Atlantis).

24 January. 2009 - Updated few Metal Wallpapers. Nothing special, just decreased brightness for better view on LCD screens and some other changes (Summoning, Dark Funeral, Carpathian Forest, Watain, Dimmu Borgir 1 2 3 4, Gorgoroth). Added 2 new Wallpapers into my Black Art Gallery (Red Dawn [Full-size] and At The Edge [Half-Size]).

6 January. 2009 - Modified site design. Added 3 new Metal Wallpapers (requested: Satanic Warmaster, Helrunar, Watain).

10 December. 2008 - 4 New Wallpapers (requested: Setherial and Taake, Dark Funeral 2008 and at last Marduk (Mortuus)).

26 November. 2008 - Updated Black & Gothic Art Page. At last scanned logos and few images are uploaded.

25 November. 2008 - Two new Metal Wallpapers again. (This time is Dimmu Borgir (2001-2) and Azaghal).

06 November. 2008 - Two new Music Wallpapers (Belphegor and 1349).

07 October. 2008 - Site Design is Updated! Uploaded few new Themes, Deleted some old Pages and Themes.

19 September. 2008 - Added 3 Wallpapers for MB-AesTeK-WB Style.

12 September. 2008 - Added 6 New Black & Death Metal Wallpapers (Dimmu Borgir 2003, Summoning (Protector), Rotting Christ 2007, Gorgoroth (Infernus), Behemoth - The Apostasy 2007, Watain at WOA2008).

11 September. 2008 - Uploaded CursorFX Theme MB-Assassin, and started work at the same WindowBlinds Style.

27 July. 2008 - NEWS: Work on the new site design is almost finished. Soon it will be updated with more cool themes and WindowBlinds MB-AesTeK Style!

May 11. 2008 - Bands Wallpapers Page was rebuilt. Added 6 new Wallpapers (Carpathian Forest, Aeon (2007), Dimmu Borgir (Shagrath) 6, Dimmu Borgir (Shagrath) 7, Satyricon (2008), Watain (2007) 2).

May 07. 2008 - ObjectDock Theme MB-AesTeK-OD, and MB-ExtremeMetal Genres Icons (ICO and PNG).

May 01. 2008 - Two new Wallpapers (Music: Carpathian Forest and Dark Funeral).

April 30. 2008 - Upcoming: New gothic CursorFX Theme and some ObjectDock stuff.

April 29. 2008 - 3 new Dimmu Borgir Wallpapers (Music: Dimmu Borgir, Shagrath, Silenoz).

April 27. 2008 - Two new cool Wallpapers are added (Music: Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth).

April 18. 2008 - New IconPackager Theme MB-AesTeK was uploaded to Wincustomize: MB-AesTeK

April 17. 2008 - 2 New Wallpapers were added (Music: Watain Abstract: Abstract-5a).

April 16. 2008 - New Theme next week! At first I'll post it at, then it will be available here.

April 07. 2008 - Updated Graphics Preview Page (3 new Templates). New IconPackager Theme Soon;)

March 07. 2008 - Added new cool Audio Icon Pack MB-AudioICO (incl. 11 Icons for Winamp, Exact Audio Copy, Easy CDDA Extractor, Any Audio Catalogizer/Library, CDDA Alalyzers [Tau etc.], and 3 different folder icons for Music/Black Metal Directory).

January 08. 2008 - Deleted one old Wallpaper. Added 5 new Abstract Wallpapers.

January 03. 2008 - New Page: Previews of my Web-Templates.

December 28. 2007 - Deleted few old Wallpapers.

December 26. 2007 - Deleted Avatars and Logons Sections.

November 28. 2007 - Added MB-BlackThroneFolders Icons (256x256-32x32).

November 26. 2007 - Added IconPackager Theme MB-BlackThrone.

November 24. 2007 - Added Wallpaper (Abstract: MB-Coal).

October 5. 2007 - The Page About Me is updated. Thumbnails have been enlarged.

October 3. 2007 - Added new demonic CursorXP Theme MB-Eye Of The Damned.

October 2. 2007 - Deleted some old Themes.

September 27. 2007 - Added PNG-Pack for ObjectDock MB-AesthethicsOD.

August 26. 2007 - Added new CursorXP Theme MB-Classics (6 Colors).

August 19. 2007 - Added 2 Wallpapers (Music: Dark Funeral Logo, Pestilential Shadows).

August 18. 2007 - Added 2 Wallpapers (Music: Shagrath (Dimmu Borgir), Dimmu Borgir).

May 17. 2007 - Added new Satanic Desktop Gadget MB-BlackMass Lite and MB-BlackMass Full

May 12. 2007 - Added new CursorXP Theme MB-MetalReligion CurXP.

May 6. 2007 - Added new Deastop Widget MB-MetalReligion 1.22.

May 5. 2007 - Added one Wallpaper for my new Widget (Abstract: MB-MetalReligion).

News: Well, It's Time to change old and primitive Wallpapers and Gadgets to new modern and stylish. Soon I'll upload some new Works and delete some old ones.

April 16. 2007 - Section: Gadgets - Previews were changed from small to large.

April 16. 2007 - Added 2 new Wallpapers (Abstract: Abstract 1a, Abstract 1b).

March 3. 2007 - Added 3 new Wallpapers (Music: Satanic I, Satanic I (blue), Dimmu Borgir).

February 10. 2007 - Added 6 new Multimedia Icons. Updated page "About Me".

February 9. 2007 - Added 2 new Wallpapers (Music: Keep Of Kalessin (Blue), Satyricon).

January 11. 2007 - Added one of old, but not uploaded CursorXP Themes - MBPlastic.

January 11. 2007 - Added 2 new Wallpapers (Music: Dark Funeral, Keep of Kalessin).

January 4. 2007 - Updated Design.

January 4. 2007 - Deleted Section: Links.