First of all i'm gonna need some description of the style you'd like to get your logo or emblem done. Would be great if you'll provide few image samples of somehow similar designs, just to make sure that i get it right. Here are some hints for you to start from:

Sometimes big projects take a lot of time to complete, because i'll keep you updated about the shape changes, so you'll be able to make any revisions. I spend this time because i respect your projects, but you gotta respect my time too and let me know about the changes in time, before i'll have to redraw a half of the design.

A small note about Metal Logo design: Remember, I draw the logos manually, they are totally hand-drawn and i can't change the name when the shape is done. So, if you have a young band, be sure that you have the final bandname - because you can't just say "leave the style but type another words" - i can't type the new title in hand-drawing and i'm not gonna draw it again (you'll have to pay for a second logo in that case).